Our sold-out focus is to see the Kingdom of God established in and through the life of every believer as it is in Heaven. Our faith is no more complicated than knowing that God is faithful, He is good and His Word is Truth.

We believe Jesus is the hope of the world and the church has been empowered with His authority and His Spirit to live this message of hope.

Our prayer life will always be moved by what we know of Heaven and not what we see on earth, and we are convinced that if Jesus was the image of the invisible God, so too, must we be.

At our core, we are revivalists. We passionately pursue the presence of God because we believe a church saturated in the presence of God will drench the world in the goodness of God.

Our Vision

As believers, the mandate and exceeding grace is to preach the gospel and the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ in wisdom, truth, power and uncommon love. To impact this generation of believers with the presence of Jesus, and the words of liberation in the streets and nations of the world saving manay souls that desire to go to heaven.

Our Mission

On the basis of the word of commission, the cardinal mission statements are:

  • propagating the gospel through Godly means to the nations of the world with passion and uncommon love
  • Liberating people from the oppression of the enemy by the truth of the word of God, power and authority, spirit and wisdom of God
  • Evidencing light in righteousness, holiness, wisdom and power of God to expel the manifestation of darkness in every life and home
  • Providing effective and efficient mentoring to the saved, their ministries, homes, businesses and careers
  • Breaking the shackles of poverty through rare impartation coaching, teaching, wisdom and empowerment through leadership training and development
  • Ceaselessly giving God unique high praises. (TPWPS)-Thanksgiving-Praise-Worship-Prayer-Sacrifice are our convenant Protocol Prayers scheme in our ministry
  • Uncommon love towards one another as believers with watch words of 'Love, wisdom, unity and integrity'

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Published On: 03/05/2022

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